No interior space, whether corporate, commercial, or residential, is complete without beautifully framed and
positioned art. With an eye for color, scale, and style, we at Stu-Art create custom matting and framing to enhance your artwork and maximize its beauty. The quality and choice of these materials can bring elegance and richness to a poster or make an oil painting or limited edition print look priceless. With over 40 years of experience, we know how to
present art so that it transforms the space it inhabits and creates an ambience consistent with the look and feel of the
environment our clients wish to create.


For our Hospitality and Corporate accounts, interior spaces enhanced by well-displayed art is especially important. It has the power to impress and inspire, reinforcing positive perceptions. Artwork makes a powerful statement with the potential to convey a sense of professionalism and success in a corporate setting, warmth and luxury in the hospitality industry, healing and comfort in a healthcare environment. It is the component in interior design with possibly the greatest emotional impact. It must be tastefully integrated into the space while able to stand out and shine on its own.

Choosing the right art or combination of pieces, matting for the greatest impact, and doing so in harmony with the surrounding decor; this is what true custom framing is about. We at Stu-Art understand this and have the ability to take on any challenge regardless of the size of the job or the budget. We listen to your ideas, respect your vision, and deliver what you need in order to make your space
a success.